American National Union of The United States of America

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ANU Constitution


File:ANU Constitution fixed (20171129 003834) (1) (2).pdf

Oaths of Office


Member of the committee on Foreign Relations – Michael Turner White File:20180115-ANU-LTR OF APPT-White-MT.pdf

Member of the Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child – Christopher Barber File:20180115-ANU-LTR OF APPT-Barber-CR.pdf

Member of the Committee on Housing and Development - John O’Sullivan II File:20180115-ANU-LTR OF APPT-O’Sullivan II-JFP.pdf

Members of the Exploratory Committee on Clean Food and Water:

Adam Samual Ben-Canaan File:20180509-ANU-OATH-Ben-Canaan-AS.pdf

Christopher Michael Doherty File:20180522-ANU-OATH-Doherty-CM(1).pdf

Jason Wesley Hall File:20180814-ANU-OATH-Hall-JW.pdf

John O’Sullivan II File:20180116-ANU-LTR OF APPT 2-O’Sullivan II-JFP.pdf

John Edward Rowe File:20180509-ANU-OATH-Rowe-JE.pdf

Gregory Scott Simmons File:20180509-ANU-OATH-Simmons-GS.pdf

Michael Turner White File:20180116-ANU-LTR OF APPT 2-White-MT.pdf

Justin James Yingling File:20180605-ANU-OATH-Yingling-JJ.pdf

National Constitution of the States of the Union Society




File:Committee for Implementing the Voucher Program for Social Assistance and Care exec order.pdf

File:Committee of Communications on Phone, Radio, Internet exec order.pdf

File:Committee of Political Research exec order.pdf

File:Committee of Power and ALL Energy exec order.pdf

Instrument of Ratification

File:20180417-ANU-Instrument of Ratification.pdf

The American National Union of The United States of America Meeting Minutes

07-25-2017 File:ANU minutes 07252017-.pdf

08-01-2017 File:ANU minutes 08-01-2017-.pdf

08-08-2017 File:ANU minutes 08082017-.pdf

08-15-2017 File:ANU minutes 08152017 corrected.pdf

11-14-2017 File:20171114-ANU-Minutes.pdf

11-28-2017 File:ANU minutes 11282017(1).pdf

12-05-2017 File:ANU minutes 12052017(1).pdf

12-12-2017 File:ANU minutes 12122017.pdf

12-19-2017 File:20171219-ANU-Minutes.pdf

12-26-2017 File:20171226-ANU-Minutes.pdf

01-02-2018 File:ANU minutes 01022018.pdf

01-09-2018 File:ANU minutes 01092018.pdf

01-16-2018 File:ANU minutes 01162018.pdf

01-23-2018 File:20180123-ANU-Minutes.pdf

01-30-2018 File:20180130-ANU-Minutes.pdf

02-06-2018 File:20180206-ANU-Minutes.pdf

02-13-2018 File:20180213-ANU-Minutes.pdf

02-20-2018 File:20180220-ANU-Minutes.pdf

02-27-2018 File:20180227-ANU-Minutes.pdf

03-06-2018 File:20180306-ANU-Minutes.pdf

03-13-2018 File:20180313-ANU-Minutes.pdf

03-18-2018 File:20180318-ANU-Minutes.pdf

03-24-2018 File:20180324-ANU-Minutes.pdf

03-27-2018 File:20180327-ANU-Minutes.pdf

04-03-2018 File:20180403-ANU-Minutes.pdf

04-10-2018 File:20180410-ANU-Minutes.pdf

American National Union of The United States of America Official Election Results